Somewhere, something incredible is waiting to be known.

Carl Sagan

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Research Interests

I am broadly interested in Theoretical Computer Science. While I am still exploring areas, I enjoy Algorithms which use insights from probability, combinatorics or graph theory. I also enjoy Complexity Theory and am enthusiastic about recent developments in Communication Complexity and Fine-Grained Complexity.


Algorithms for Big Data

Prof Rajiv Raman | Independent Study

I am studying Streaming/Sketching algorithms from various sources and presenting to Prof Rajiv and some of my peers. I am also compiling notes on what I present.

Online Matching

Prof Syamantak Das | Independent Project


Algorithms Reading Group Hour


Guillotine Cuts & Pattern Avoidance in Permutations

Prof Rajiv Raman & Prof Samrith Ram | Bachelor’s Thesis

In May 2018 I started working on Guillotine Cuts for Axis Parallel Rectangles. The general problem dates back to the paper Cutting Glass [Pach, Tardos] but the specific problem we’re working on is presented directly in On Guillotine Cutting Sequences [Abed, Chalermsook et al]. In particular, we want to know if one can always save Omega(n) rectangles and exactly what fraction is feasible. Such a lower bound would imply a polytime constant approximation for MISR (Maximum Independent Set on Rectangles), as explained in second linked paper. We found and explored an interesting link with Pattern Matching in permutations.

Project Resources

If you optimize everything, you will always be unhappy.

Donald Knuth



Mathematics of Quantum Computation

IIAS Winter School | Hebrew University of Jerusalem

Accepted to the 4th CSE Winter School.

Research Intern

Prof Bundit Laekhanukit | ITCS@SUFE

Visited Shanghai in the summer, hosted by Prof Bundit.

Mathematics for Data Science

IFCAM Summer School | IISc Bangalore

Selected for scholarship to attend the summer school.


External reviewer for Journal of Computer and System Sciences (JCSS)

Prof Debajyoti Bera | IIIT Delhi

Teaching Assistant | Discrete Structures

Prof Rajiv Raman | IIIT Delhi

The course website can be found here. For students of IIITD, the Backpack course is here.

Combinatorics & Graph Theory

Prof Samrith Ram | IIIT Delhi Internship

Selected to study various topics in Combinatorics and Graph Theory during the summer term.


Graph Theory & Algorithms

ACM Summer School | IIT Gandhinagar

I was a scholar selected to study state of the art material from renowned professors. The school had the objective of motivating research and promoting collaboration.

Notable Courses

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